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Todgarh Attractions

Sightseeing in Todgarh

Todgarh Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary

It is one of the larger and lesser known sanctuaries of Rajasthan and has a great potential for ecotourism, Nature loving tourists can view a variety of birds, animals, and plant life by way of trekking along nature trails.

Dudhaleshwar Temple

An ancient Lord Shiva Temple surrounded by tall trees of Karanj, Tamarind & Banyan attracts tourists from distance places. There is a perennial source of spring water in the temple. It is perfect place to meditate & relieve stress.

Katar Ghati

Approach from Todgarh to Dudhaleshwar is by a serpentine track on the western slope of Aravalli hills. This four Km long road has many U turns, built by British engineers. It is the best example of road engineering. Katar Ghati joins Mewar and Marwar regions.

Ghoram Ghat Railway Track

Most of the railway track of 22 km length between Kamlighat & Fulad station passes through Todgarh Raoli Sanctuary in a hilly terrain. It also joins Mewar & Marwar regions. It was built in 1934 & fine example of railway engineering. While travelling through this serpentine route, tourists can view green vegetation, waterfall, tunnels & bridges.


Deewair is a historical place inside the sanctuary associated with Maharana Pratap. It is the victory site where Maharana Pratap defeated the Mughal army of Akbar. Col. James Tod named Deewair as “Marathon of Mewar” in the famous book “Annals & antiquities of Rajasthan”


Inside the sanctuary in Bhagora forest block there is waterfall of height 55 meter probably highest waterfalls in Aravalli range. The waterfall can be seen in the rainy season. Roosting long billed vultures and numerous rock beehives on the cliffs just near to it can also be watched. Bheelberi can be approached by jeeps through a 4 KM nature trail.

Raina Dam

Just 3 Km away from Bheelberi waterfalls, is a jeepable road to reach Raina Dam which is a large water body and it is a part of the wildlife sanctuary. During winters lot of birds come to this water body and one gets to do bird watching.

Raoli Rest House

The Raoli Rest house is a British era (1932) forest rest house. It has two wells, furnished rooms with all basic facilities.